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This post is sentimental and reflects on someone who has made a difference in people’s lives. Roc4Tim event happens December 3rd at 2pm in the Anthology venue of Rochester, NY. This mixtape compiles some tracks from performers at Roc4Time coming up.  Read more »


Richmond, VA hip hop artists Alfred, AfroCatBienJake BarkleySha Shakusky, and MNLOV came to Rochester, NY last weekend to celebrate the release of Sha’s record RIP Ma’s & Pa’s. They spoke about a friend named Big Kahuna OG, a fellow Richmond rapper and hip hop producer. This record is absolutely fire – the flows and beats go together so well that many of my friends thought it was a big name rapper. Spread the love!


Philadelphia native Jamie Glisson formed a band named Cape Wrath, after her father. She enlisted the help of Joseph Getz, a drum professor, John Lattanzio, and Will Stichter, formerly of Saxon Shore. Glisson blends religious topics with indie chill music to create what is known as post-rock, and it’s brilliant.


Montreal 2016

A visit to Montreal in October 2016 deserves a mix. Montreal’s music scene is blooming, and has become more popular ever since Grimes moved in. With a trip to Ludovico Einaudi and Bob Moses concerts, here is mélange of things heard in Montreal while there!


I am so excited about this new album from Joyce Manor that i just had to share the entire thing. It’s such a refreshing listen. If you’re fans of Sunny Day Real Estate or Modern Baseball, you’ll love this.

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