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Music Post #1 – Kretsen’s Walls

Imagine if Kygo was Swedish and had a baby with Robin Schulz. That would make Kretsen, a DJ duo from Stockholm.

That mix sounds like any other kind of dance artist at the moment, but the track Walls was only posted last month and it has kept department stores and big clubs dancing. The dance music scene has shifted from complex rhythms to simple chords and loud beats, and Kretsen leans on this ideology. A soulful singer and a poppy synth make this track instantly recognizable. This conglomeration of tropical, synthy house music from the likes of Kygo, Lost Frequencies, Robin Schulz, and EDX has electrified the nightlife and Kretsen only adds to it in a big way.

Walls is available on iTunes and Amazon. The group doesn’t have a website yet, but they post some stuff on Soundcloud.



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