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July 6, 2016

Torvehallerne -Denmark’s Premier Market

by Alexander Punj

Foodies are in for a treat. There’s a new place in Europe specializing in food. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has become a foodie destination within the past decade. Many of the finer dining restaurants started earning Michelin stars, with Noma earning three stars and being named as the best in the world. Not only are the restaurants becoming extremely popular amongst the young crowd, markets are also popping up all over the city. One of the most recognized is Torvehallerne, a upscale market dedicated to being culturally Danish.


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Torvehallerne is located in between Nørrebro Station and Israels Plads, an up and coming park. The Nørrebro district is quite trendy; you can find clothing shops, dive bars and cafés on the Sankt Hans Torv square, so it makes sense to find such a swanky market in this area. Without this market, Nørrebro wouldn’t be as touristic as it is today.

Torvehallerne is famous for staying true to Danish culture. It’s not a supermarket, but a super market. Two glass buildings encompass over 60 stands that sell things ranging from fresh fish and meat to chocolate and spices. The first thing I saw, just outside one of the glass buildings, was a chef flipping fish and pancakes up in the air, similar in style to American hibachi artists. As I waded my way through the market, I smelled fresh fruit and herbs in nearby stands. My mouth watered as I entered one of the glass buildings – all of the smells from the kitchens filled my nose. Locals often come here for lunch to eat the classic Danish open sandwich, the Smørrebrød, and other organic tacos and fish. One enticing French-infused stand sold some classic French wines alongside some Danish. After eating lunch, you can stop by a gelato stand and try the vintage elderflower sorbet and other local flavors.

If you ever happen to be in Copenhagen, stop by Torvehallerne for a very cultural lunch. Meet some locals and enjoy what is know as Denmark’s premier market.


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