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January 4, 2016

by Alexander Punj

The Erised – Take Me


The slug of the new year is upon us. It’s January 3rd, and we are still evaluating our New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s take a step back. Many of you in places like Colorado and Oregon have been doing drugs in celebration of the New Year, but sadly the rest of the country can’t legally. However, there is a solution. This tune from The Erised provides a light blissful experience as its chords and drums chill you out to a new musical level. If the listener closes their eyes, the lyrics “Take me / love me / hold me / like a child” will surge through their veins.

The Erised are a Ukrainian electronica group signed to Med School Music, a sub label of Hospital Records. Now, ‘electronica’ and ‘Hospital Records’ is an unusual paring – Hospital Records specializes in Drum ‘n’ Bass. However, Take Me uses elements of DNB to make the track unique and blissful. The Erised have explored sounds outside of electronica. They appeared on Ukraine’s X-Factor, and garnered many fans while performing pop songs for the initial episodes.


If it isn’t weird, why should I bother?

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